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Aji Mathew



Prof. Mathew has 16 years of experience in the field of cellulose nanocrystals, cellulose nanofibers, chitin nanocrystals and their nanocomposites. Prof. Mathew has published over 100 peer–reviewed articles (H–Index 30) and has about 80 conference contributions, 16 book chapters, 7 edited books and several invited presentations to her credit. The research activities in her group focus on sustainable and green processes for the isolation of biobased nanoreinforcements and the development of processing routes for functional materials as biobased nanocomposites and hybrids.  The main application area include water purification membranes/ filters and biomedical implants- with focus on tailoring of functionalities as surface chemistry, surface specific interactions,  ion- exchange,  antifouling, cell interactions,  controlled release,  etc.  One main scientific goal  for the group is understanding  and explaining  the correlation between the processes, surface characteristics and morphologies of the nanoparticles,  material properties and  material performance.

  • NanoTextSurf, founding from European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, project member

  • Mistra TerraClean, founding from MISTRA, project member

  • VR - Funding for the project: Understanding nanocellulose hybrid membranes by means of advanced atomic force microscopy (AFM)

  • VR- Indo-Swedish collaboration funding, Biobased scaffolds, membranes and hydrogels for improved wound healing, drug delivery and bone regeneration (BIOHEAL), 2017-2019,  Main applicant (1.2MSEK).

  • Wallenberg Wood Science Centre Funding, Functional Materials Research at Stockholm University, 2015-2019,  Main  grant holder (5 M SEK).

  • Stockholm University Faculty support, 2015- 2019,  Main  grant holder ( 5M SEK).

  • CEREAL, Improved and resource efficiency throughout the post-harvest chain of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables  (ERANET-SUSFOOD,  2014- 2017, 3.9M SEK, (Partner)*.

  • Modelling and advanced microscopy/ spectroscopy to evaluate and predict the surface interactions of nanocellulose and nanochitin with water pollutants, VR  2013, Main Applicant, 3.2 M SEK, Jan 2014- Dec 2017.*

  • NanoSelect, Functional membranes/ filters with anti/low-fouling surfaces for water purification through selective adsorption on biobased nanocrystals and fibrils, FP7-NMP-2011-SMALL-5, Proposal reference number: 280519-2 2011, Budget: 4M Euros, Co-ordinator, 2012-2016*.

  • n-POSSCOG, Nano-POlySaccharide containing Scaffolds with Controlled pOrosity and deGradability  no: 2011-02071 MNT-ERA.NET Transnational Call 2011, Budget 2.8M SEK, Project Leader ,Sweden (2012-2015)*.

  • Competence development of female associate professors to Professor (LTU support) - 2012-2013.

  • WOODY, Innovative advanced WOOD based Composite Materials and Components Large Collaborative Project,Grant Agreement no. CP – IP 210037-2 (Partner).

  • Development of continuous ultrastrong fibers of nanocellulose for use in biocomposites, NANOFIBER, VINNOVA, 2009-2011  6 MSEK, (Co-Investigator).

  • Cellulose and chitin based bionanocomposite fibres for textile and biomedical application, Swedish research links, International collaborative research grants, 2009-2011, (Principal Investigator).

  • Novel bionanocomposites with improved barrier properties using wood based nanocrystals/fibrils in natural rubber, Swedish research links, International collaborative research grants, 2009-2011, (Principal Investigator).

  • Nanomembran för rening av gaser och vätskor, Innovationsbron, (2009) (Principal Investigator)

Graduated PhD students
  • Martha Herrera, (Co- supervisor, LTU):  2010 -  2015

  • Peng Liu (Main supervisor, LTU):  2012 –2016

  • Zoheb Karim (Main supervisor, LTU): 2012- 2016

  • Narges Naseri (Main supervisor, LTU): 2012- 2016

  • Saleh Hooshmand, (Co- supervisor, LTU): 2012 –2016


Postdoctoral Students
  • Lee Ann Geotz: 2014-2015

  • Illia Dobryden:   2015  (50%)

  • Jens Ryden: 2015 (50%)


Current students
  • Natalia Herrera Vargas (Co- supervisor, LTU): June 2012-

  • Chuantao Zhu (Main supervisor, LTU/ SU): 2014-

  • Sahar Sultan (Main supervisor, SU):  2016-

  • Luis Alexandro Valencia Lopez, (Main supervisor, SU) : 2016- 


Postdoctoral Students
  • Dr. Santhosh Nair: November 2015- 

  • Dr. Peng Liu; April 2016 -

  • Dr. Narges Naseri:  August 2016 -

Professional Networks


Industry: Alfa Laval Corporate AB, Sweden; Borregard, Exilva, Norway; Domsjö Fabrikerna AB, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden; More Research AB, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden; SEKAB E-Technologies, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden; SP Processum AB, Örnsköldsvik Sweden; RentDaagsVatten. Göteberg, Sweden, ACONDAQUA INGENIERÍA DEL AGUA S.L. (Acondaqua), Spain;  EDUCELL, Slovenia;  LKAB, Kiruna, Sweden; Boliden Mines, Sweden; Svenskt Vatten AB Sweden,  Unilever, Netherlands,  AkzoNobel, Sweden,


Research Organizations

Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), Switzerland; Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT, Finland; Fundación investigación y desarrollo en nanotecnología (FideNa), Spain; CSIR, Port Elizabeth, South Africa etc.



Royal Institute of Technology, (KTH), Sweden, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, Mahatma Gandhi University, India; Institute of Forest Utilization and Works Science Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, 79086 Freiburg, Germany; Imperial College London, UK; University of Maribor, Slovenia,



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