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Luis Valencia

PhD candidate



MSc Materials and nanoscience

Polymer Engineering - University of Strasbourg, France.

MSc Sustainable materials

University of Freiburg, Germany.


BSc Chemistry

Autonomous University of Coahuila, Mexico.

Research interest

As a materials chemist, the aim of my research is mainly focused on the surface modification of nanoparticles towards the preparation of novel hybrid biomaterials for functional applications.

Selected publications

Wu, T Valencia L, Lutz P, Reiter, G Mulhaupt R, Fully isotatic
poly(p methylstyrene Precise Synthesis and crystallization
Macromolecules, 2019

Alanis, A. Hernandez, J. Neira, M. Lopez, R. Mendoza, R. Mathew, A.
Leon, R. Valencia, L. Plasma surface modification of cellulose
nanocrsytals A green alternative towards mechanical
reinforcement of ABS,
RCS Advances, 2019

Valencia, L. and Abdelhamid, H. Nanocellulose leaf life Zeolitic
imidazolate framework (ZIF L) aerogels for selective capture of
carbon dioxide,
Carbohydrate polymers, 2019

Valencia, L. Arumughan, V. Jalvo, B. Maria, H. Thomas, S. Mathew,
A. Nanolignocellulose extracted from the environmentally
undesired Prosopis Juliflora,
ACS Omega, 2019

Valencia, L. Nomena, E. Mathew, A. Velikov, K. Bio-based Cellulose
Nanofibril Oil Composite Films for Active Edible Barriers,
Applied Materials and Interfaces
, 2019

Valencia, L. Kumar, S. Jalvo, B. Mautner, A. Alvarez, G. Mathew, A.
Fully Biobased Zwitterionic membranes with superior antifouling
and antibacterial properties prepared via Surface initiated Free
Radical Polymerization of Poly(Cysteine Methacrylate),
Journal of
Materials Chemistry A
, 2018

Valencia, L. Enriquez, F. Valencia, M. Diaz, R. Tuning the LCST of
PNIPAM via random oxidation sensitive thioether functionalities

Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 2017

Pineda, M. Torres, S. Valencia, L. Medrano, J. Diaz, R. Fernandez, S.
Saade, H. Lopez, R. Chitosan coated magnetic nanoparticles
prepared in one strep by precipitation in high aqueous phase
content reverse microemulsion,
Molecules, 2014

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