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"Bio-based functional materials"

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In Aji Mathew´s lab, we have a vision to develop bio-based functional materials with special focus on green and environmental-friendly processes. The group has extensive know-how on biobased  nanocomposites, membranes, foams and hydrogels  for water purification, biomedical and photocatalytic activity applications.


Luis Valencia got the "Best Circular Economy Business Award " in the 2019 Top Stars "Innovation Challenge for PhDs and postdocs", organized by the EIT European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Congrats to Luis Valencia!

For publishing a terrific paper in ACS Applied Materials and interfaces entitled "Bio-based Cellulose Nanofibril-Oil Composite Films for Active Edible Barriers"

Congrats to Chuantao Zhu and Peng Liu

For the great paper in Journal of Hazardous Materials, entitled "Mechanically robust high-flux graphene oxide-nanocellulose for dye removal from water

Congrats to Sahar Sultan!

For publishing the great publication in Advanced Functional Materials entitled "CelloMOF: Nanocellulose Enabled 3D Printing of Metal-Organic Frameworks"

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Aji Mathew´s lab:

Bio-based functional materials