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Department of Materials

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"Bio-based functional materials"

Welcome to the official website

of Prof. Aji Mathew´s group:

In Aji Mathew´s lab, we have a vision to develop bio-based functional materials with special focus on green and environmental-friendly processes. The group has extensive know-how on biobased  nanocomposites, membranes, foams and hydrogels  for water purification, biomedical and photocatalytic activity applications.We also work on recycling of textiles and sustainable  and circular  processing of materials from biological and industrial residues.


Luis Valencia got the "Best Circular Economy Business Award " in the 2019 Top Stars "Innovation Challenge for PhDs and postdocs", organized by the EIT European Institute of Innovation and Technology

Congrats to Luis Valencia!

For publishing a terrific paper in ACS Applied Materials and interfaces entitled "Bio-based Cellulose Nanofibril-Oil Composite Films for Active Edible Barriers"

Congrats to Chuantao Zhu and Peng Liu

For the great paper in Journal of Hazardous Materials, entitled "Mechanically robust high-flux graphene oxide-nanocellulose for dye removal from water

Congrats to Sahar Sultan!

For publishing the great publication in Advanced Functional Materials entitled "CelloMOF: Nanocellulose Enabled 3D Printing of Metal-Organic Frameworks"

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